Commercial Interior Plant Styling & Maintenance

Elevate experiences, reduce stress, increase creativity, and enhance focus in your space.

Create a welcoming and beautiful space for your clients or employees while taking advantage of the many scientifically-proven benefits of plants.

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A plant on a window sill Two plants on a counter top
A large plant on the floor next to a window A grouping of three plants on a table
Offices • Agencies • Restaurants • Coffee Shops • Hotels • Salons • Banks

Services Offered

in Lincoln, NE

Free, personalized on-site estimate

Let’s chat about your specific needs and take a look at your space. No one-size-fits-all here! We’ll recommend the best plants and designs for your unique space, within your budget.

Plant and pot shopping

Leave the shopping to us; we’ll select the perfect plants and vessels that’ll work for your space and style.

Potting and Installation

We’ll pot your plants with our hand-mixed soil blend and then install your new plants in your space, creating a harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing arrangement. Start taking advantage of those benefits!

Custom Maintenance Plans

Once again, no one-size-fits-all here. We’re here to make sure your unique plants stay healthy and thriving all year round.

Employees or clients: relaxed, healthy, focused, and productive.

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