Your friendly neighborhood plant stylists

From a little bit of help to a full plant setup in your home

You're probably here because you love plants (or at least the idea of plants). Questions about lighting? Watering? Placement? Or maybe you're ready for a full-service plant styling of your home. Either way - we're here for you!

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Services Offered

Virtual Consultation

From $25 • Anywhere

Got a plant you just can't quite figure out? Have general questions about what might work well in your space? We can help over a video call.

In-Person Consultation

From $35 • Lincoln, NE or nearby

Need help figuring out why your current plants aren’t thriving? We can come take a look at your plants, evaluate lighting, discuss your watering regimen, check for pests, and make recommendations for future care.

Full-service Plant Styling

From $50 • Lincoln, NE or nearby

Whether you are ready for your very first houseplant or have a collection already started, we're here to help! We'll come check out your space, assess lighting, and discuss your style preferences and budget. We'll then put together an individualized plan for your home and go from there.

Long-term Success

Don't worry - we'll provide all the customized care instructions you need to ensure your plants (and you!) stay healthy and happy in your unique space.

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